Every year, more than 17,000 home fires are caused by dirty clothes dryer vents that are full of lint buildup. What a shame it is for so many people to lose their homes because of a problem that’s so easy to fix.

It’s amazing that many homeowners don’t know that they need to clean the vent for their clothes dryers. But cleaning a dryer’s venting system isn’t just a good housekeeping item. It’s a must for maintaining the safety of your home and family.

Dryer lint is a very combustible substance that builds up in the venting system leading from your dryer, causing a severe fire hazard. The most commonly used vent is made with ribbed plastic to make it easier to route the hose around corners and through walls. This design traps lint in the hose, which builds up over time to dangerous levels. (The plastic of the hose itself is also combustible and produces dangerous fumes when burned.)combustible and produces dangerous fumes when burned.)

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